IBO is an association of national biology competitions from countries and regions.

IBO members are either countries or regions. We have grown from just 6 countries in 1990 to currently 75 members.

A Delegation of a country or region consists of 1-4 competitors (students) selected by their National Biology Olympiad and at least two Members of the jury.

Registration of a country must be made by the Country Coordinator. To check who are the Country Coordinator please check:

Conditions to participate in the IBO Challenge II:

– You must be a Member of the IBO Association

– You must have a National Biology Olympiad running that will select you competitors

– You must register your NBO in this site

– Note: participation in IBO Challenge II will require a one-time fee of € 150 (one hundred and fifty euros) per delegation. Each delegation can have up to 4 students and not less than 2 members of the jury. (There is no maximum limit for jury members. No extra fees will be required).