The IBO Challenge II competition will consist of two exams:

1 practical-theoretical exam that will occur on 19 July 2021

1 theoretical exam that will occur on 21 July 2021

Both exams will take place at the same legal hour in each country: 09:00 h

Regulations on how the exams shall occur will be sent to the country Delegates, but students will be able to take part in the competition regardless of the confinement regulation in their countries at the time of the exam. This means that students who are allowed to get together in public places like a school or university may take the exam together under the supervision of a national Delegate, but students who are confined at home may take the exams from there.

The practical exam will not need access to any lab room or material/chemicals, it will be based on videos and/or images or graphics for interpretation. However, students MUST have access to a computer with an internet connection to perform the tests.

In the end, merit, medals and certificates will be awarded following the same rules as for a regular IBO.

Awards will also be given to the winners of the video/image competition, on a separate competition.