Welcome to IBO2021

Dear competitors,
Dear colleagues.
Distinguished guests


The idea of an IBO edition in Portugal started in July the 7th 2014 in Bali when Tomáš Soukup first approached and asked me: “What about an IBO in Lisbon?” And as I have answered “I would love that” I got his full support for the rest of the week…

For the past 7 years we have made great efforts to create, plan and organise a wonderful IBO where students could meet and live in a wonderful environment at the Military College, in Lisbon

A school founded in 1803, with marvellous accommodation facilities…

A campus with sports facilities for both outdoors…

…and indoors

With multiple relaxing and performance rooms…

which include its own Natural History Museum

And a motto that perfectly fits the IBO Spirit:



“ONE for ALL, all for ONE”



But competitors would have also been challenged with diversified practical exams in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

Where they would perform practical exams on Microbiology and Microbial Ecology; Cellular Biology and Plant Biotechnology; Animal Physiology and Marine Biotechnology and Animal Anatomy, Biosystematics and Ecology and two theoretical exams

But Delegates would also be staying on a very comfortable hotel in central Lisbon (EPIC SANA, https://www.lisboa.epic.sanahotels.com/en)

And we would have all shared relaxing moments in several venues during our sightseeing tours and visits to:



…and Lisboa (Lisbon)

Visits to the Lisbon Oceanarium (https://www.oceanario.pt/en)

And visits to the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva (https://www.pavconhecimento.pt/en)

Dinoparque –  An outdoor museum with giant dinosaurs (https://www.dinoparque.pt/en/)

…and bottlenose dolphin observation

Among other surprises…

But…unfortunately, a small virus particle was spread Worldwide and changed our lives tremendously, destroying all our plans…

…while showing the World the importance of biologists in understanding its mechanisms, testing samples, sequencing its nuclei acids and helping finding vaccines and new drugs.



Consequently we had to cancel our face-to-face IBO in Lisbon and adapt it to an

IBO Challenge II